Mini vacation!!

Just got back from a mini vacation with my wifes family.  Went to solvang california was really nice and had sooo much fun.

Was doing really well with the gym to be ruined by bakery goods and mass meat: D but gunna get back into the saddle and work it off:D

Found out that patch 6.1 for WoW hits tuesday so I’ll be renewing and be joining convert to raid on Airie Peak server.

Not sure what class to choose though as a second main but thinking of something I’ve not played or have not gotten high before like a shaman, rogue,mage,hunter.  But I did enjoy my priest on EU servers it took me away from my warrior so maybe it’d be the same to again?

Question of the day for you all is out of the above classes which would be more fun to play?  Comments welcomed below.


Gym and Gaming

Welcome back all, took a couple days off writing from my last post due to the material and a belated valentines day: )

So whats been going down over the last few days…. well, I joined a gym called crunch.  So far so good with being consistant with it,  joined thursday and by sunday I’ve been 3 times.

Anyone have a good programme for weightloss im all ears haha wanting to loose like 40pounds by march 2016.

On another note: p I’m debating to leave WoW for a couple of months,not due to boredom but while I wait for 6.1 patch to drop I have a ton of games I’d like to complete.

But question of the day is which one/s first,  Modern warfare 2, walking dead season 1, watch dogs, FF13 part 1?

Leave comments below and chat with you all more tomorrow: )

Looking for support – Bipolar *Update*

Hey all, going to be a little darker topic than usual so if the topic matter is to much I understand.


This post goes out to my my best friend whom I’ve known for 8 years now. For as long as I’ve known him, he has been battling with chronic chest pain and non epileptic disorder which is so bad sends him to AandE and even at times unconcious.

Now he’s been looking for help all these years and no one has given him a reason of why this is happening or helping to diagnose him for treatment.

He used to laugh gaming and being with friends and now he stays in his room and has no passion or love for anything other than to end his life

The last 3 years he has become worse living with mental health issues and diagnosed with personality disorder which no one will help or touch him and just turn him away.

His family and friends,  as well as friends of the family in the medical profession believe him to be wrongly diagnosed and believe he has bipolar which requires medication.

NO one is giving him this chance and he is not on medication of any type.

My post today reaches out to all for support.  It can be in anyway, a comment,  a donation to this fundraiser,  know someone whom works in the medical field whom could help. His GP does nothing and his family and I are trying to get him to re diagnose my friend and get him the treatment and help he needs and deserves.

P.S – Here is the link for how you can help – (It’s a giveforward fundraiser link).

Thank you all for reading
Robert king

My free level 90 *update*

So it’s been about a year since I posted about what class to be for my free level 90 in the world of warcraft: warlords of dreanor.


Here’s an update on all that:-

I missed my warrior from EU servers to much to miss another expansion with them so decided to go with boosting my level 60 panda warrior.

Loved everything about her leveling up to 100 ans even doing heroics in gladiator stance was awesome….. untill all the nerfs came.

I have newly geared 100 pallys surpassing my dps in the charts and it feels like blizzard are forcing me to go back to fury and not enjoy this nee way to dps in tanking gear.

Well a couple weeks back after downing the last boss of Highmaul I decided to jump around classes,  leveling a hunter to 13 my rogue to 13 and then trying my 63 death knight.

Well despite loving the rogue and knowing how good hunters deeps are right now I decided to level my death knight up since I still want the option to tank.

Currently have my DK to 69 and really enjoying her… yes both these chars are female but all my other ones are male. Anyway,  having fun on my DK and shall keep you posted as I slowly level it through the expansions leading to mop and wod since my EU DK was an 85 so nothing new yet with experiences.

Thanks for reading all, let me know what class you play currently and why.

See you alll tomorrow and have a great day.

What! Me again: p

Yes it is I , prowen,  and I’m here to try keep posting, writing about all mi stoof and to maintain my goal of working out and no to little soda for this year.

Going back to england next march 2016 and want to loose like 40pounds of weight… lets see shall we: p

Ow and thought it was funny how my last post was during taxes and how I owed money and the same thing happened this year.

Love my 3 hair baby cats and heres wilson laying on me sooo cutely.


Off to bed now but wanted to say hi and welcome back those from previous and current yeara of knowing me: D I love me some emoticons bwhahaha .

Question of the night. Want to hear from about movies/tv shows/ video games or my life? Leave comments and ill post tomoz: ) byeeez.

Taxes – Unfair – Just Right – Heavenly

So 2014 is the second year that I’ve filed for taxes in America and the first time I got back a nice amount and was happy with turbotax services. Well just done my taxes now and I had to pay back $200 even though I may way below the poverty line….. doesn’t make much sense.

They raise taxes in 2013 by 6% and pay 4 times the amount of social security over any over federal or state taxes which I wont even see in my life because from what I hear isn’t enough in the pot to support everyone :S so what the hell is up with having to pay the government back $200 and then stick us with having to have health insurance or fine us in 2015 when we file our 2014 taxes?

I’m curious is this unfair, right or a blessing compared to others? Back in England I was still young while working and just got a check from government for tax return and sometimes I didn’t but never had to file like I do here. 

Anyone know why the taxes go up but my wages don’t and yet I go from a tax refund to a tax due? any info would be great because I’m baffled right now.

Reading / Expanding ones world of books



So I’ve tried to read many books throughout my childhood / young adult life to only manage to really get through 1 whole book of which was the Ork series by Stan Nichols, AMAZING pieces of work which got me into writing myself back when I was 11/12 years old. 

For those interested here’s a link for the book – (Paper Back)  and for an audio version here is a link for that also 🙂 – (Audio Book

So my question is, I’m looking for more books to read that would keep my focus, maybe a shorter one to start with, I love me some magic, swords, wars and awesome story lines but not sure where to start. Anyone have some suggestions I’d love to check them out and see where it goes 😀