Amiibo and adiction ?

So as many of you may already know there’s a little thing called an amiibo which for those whom don’t are little nintendo character figures which can be used on the WiiU gamepad and the new 3DS console later to be in the normal 3DS with a periferall.

My wife is interested in the female cast of amiibos and having a display of strong female gaming. While on the other hand I’d be happy with cool looking and all fire emblem ones 😀

With wave 4 launching end of april which amiibos are you all into ? For myself I have the smash bro mario one because I love the fireball look.

Ow and apolagize for the mass posts yesturday, when I hit publish it sent the lot out rather than staggered.

Have a great day all and only 2 more days till my New 3DS XL Majoras Mask arrives 😀


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