Update to Majoras Mask 3DS

This morning the package has shipped from florida 😀 going to be here around the 2nd of April super excited 😀

Question is do I rebuy my games from EU 3DS like smash bros ? Do nintendo do sales on games at all in America? Ive never looked into it while being here haha.

Going to complete games as I go so I don’t do what I alwaya do and play to a certain point and buy new game/s. Coming is Zelda between worlds and Majoras Mask as well as codename Steam so I’ll have plenty to keep me going for awhile.

First game I’d like is the exclusive xenoblade chronicles for the new 3DS. Would this make me want a Wii U for the sequel? Or would I and others be lucky for a sequel on the new 3DS?

So many questions and a week to find out a few :D.

Until next time, enjoy your weekend and Ill fill you in how home the movie is/was if I get to see it inna bit before work.



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