New 3DS XL Majoras Mask

Yes! I was lucky enough to read my nintendo news to find out gamestop had the Majoras Mask new 3ds xl back in stock just in time to order a bundle 😀

Yeah and it wasnt easy. Once complete I get an email from the bank about a suspicious activity on my card…. Being the gamestoo puchase.

From there I get an email from gamestop saying the order could not be processed.. Not cool bank of america.

Had to sort the bank out and contact gamestop in order to get this order rolling. Now during this the bundle had sold out on the site and still to this moment untill the order has been shipped Im going to worry I missed out on the console… The money has been taken and 2digital parts have shipped.

Fingers crossed the rest comes  alongwith it :), super excited and cant wait for 2 weeks time which is the max amount of time given for order to be processed and shipped which is also in time for the last day of maintenance/inspection at work which is a victory gift for all the cleaning ive been doing for past 4months.

Anyone whom wants to add me on mi new 3ds hook me up and once it comes ill post my friend code.


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