DnD 5E and Fantasy love

Hey all just brought the dungeon master DnD 5E book and super excited to play again. Sadly though my groups break to quickly after a session or two and its hard to get them back.

Spreading the word out for players again and crafting a campaign from scratch to have ready for when that happens :).

Along that note I’m loving WoW more and more which is a change from a month ago when i was just doing garrison missions. Doing the legendary questline again and getting near to the 6 1 part which im so stocked to see all the exciting convo I’ve been tryin to avoid spoilers to.

Fantasy is a huge love of mine and I’m just spreading it all over my life haha. reading game pf thrones from book 1, season 5 of the show begins next month yaay :), playing WoW and looking at getting a roll20 DnD 5E game going.

Message me in the comments or over at bitesizeotaku.weebly.com and let me know if your interested. Are you a fan of the books or show of game of thrones or even both :).

Catch you next time and have an awesome weekend peeps.


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