Trying weebly out

So recently I jumped over to weebly and made a site over there called bite size otaku and kinda left WordPress in the dark.

Sorry for not mentioning anything just got busy at work and now home which I’ll post about later 🙂 but long story short I’m back to writing opinions/reviews of anime,movies,TV shows, games and all 🙂 yaay haha as of now only movies have been done but maybe tomoz I’ll get some other content up all going well I can use my PC.

Had a flood from the ceiling and the whole thing has had to come down and be cut. Which hopefully is done tomoz if not may take several days to get back and repaired.

Fun times but wanted to keep you updated. I’ll keep posting here to but well see how bite size otaku goes if I leave WordPress completely or not.

Another site in mind is sqaurespace but trying things out right now casually as I find myself with little time to post regularly.

Question of the day is, what’s the most out of the blue event that you’ve had to deal with? Comments below.

Thank you all and to all a good night 😀


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