Mini vacation!!

Just got back from a mini vacation with my wifes family.  Went to solvang california was really nice and had sooo much fun.

Was doing really well with the gym to be ruined by bakery goods and mass meat: D but gunna get back into the saddle and work it off:D

Found out that patch 6.1 for WoW hits tuesday so I’ll be renewing and be joining convert to raid on Airie Peak server.

Not sure what class to choose though as a second main but thinking of something I’ve not played or have not gotten high before like a shaman, rogue,mage,hunter.  But I did enjoy my priest on EU servers it took me away from my warrior so maybe it’d be the same to again?

Question of the day for you all is out of the above classes which would be more fun to play?  Comments welcomed below.


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