Gym and Gaming

Welcome back all, took a couple days off writing from my last post due to the material and a belated valentines day: )

So whats been going down over the last few days…. well, I joined a gym called crunch.  So far so good with being consistant with it,  joined thursday and by sunday I’ve been 3 times.

Anyone have a good programme for weightloss im all ears haha wanting to loose like 40pounds by march 2016.

On another note: p I’m debating to leave WoW for a couple of months,not due to boredom but while I wait for 6.1 patch to drop I have a ton of games I’d like to complete.

But question of the day is which one/s first,  Modern warfare 2, walking dead season 1, watch dogs, FF13 part 1?

Leave comments below and chat with you all more tomorrow: )


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