Looking for support – Bipolar *Update*

Hey all, going to be a little darker topic than usual so if the topic matter is to much I understand.


This post goes out to my my best friend whom I’ve known for 8 years now. For as long as I’ve known him, he has been battling with chronic chest pain and non epileptic disorder which is so bad sends him to AandE and even at times unconcious.

Now he’s been looking for help all these years and no one has given him a reason of why this is happening or helping to diagnose him for treatment.

He used to laugh gaming and being with friends and now he stays in his room and has no passion or love for anything other than to end his life

The last 3 years he has become worse living with mental health issues and diagnosed with personality disorder which no one will help or touch him and just turn him away.

His family and friends,  as well as friends of the family in the medical profession believe him to be wrongly diagnosed and believe he has bipolar which requires medication.

NO one is giving him this chance and he is not on medication of any type.

My post today reaches out to all for support.  It can be in anyway, a comment,  a donation to this fundraiser,  know someone whom works in the medical field whom could help. His GP does nothing and his family and I are trying to get him to re diagnose my friend and get him the treatment and help he needs and deserves.

P.S – Here is the link for how you can help – http://gfwd.at/1C7woDg (It’s a giveforward fundraiser link).

Thank you all for reading
Robert king


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