My free level 90 *update*

So it’s been about a year since I posted about what class to be for my free level 90 in the world of warcraft: warlords of dreanor.


Here’s an update on all that:-

I missed my warrior from EU servers to much to miss another expansion with them so decided to go with boosting my level 60 panda warrior.

Loved everything about her leveling up to 100 ans even doing heroics in gladiator stance was awesome….. untill all the nerfs came.

I have newly geared 100 pallys surpassing my dps in the charts and it feels like blizzard are forcing me to go back to fury and not enjoy this nee way to dps in tanking gear.

Well a couple weeks back after downing the last boss of Highmaul I decided to jump around classes,  leveling a hunter to 13 my rogue to 13 and then trying my 63 death knight.

Well despite loving the rogue and knowing how good hunters deeps are right now I decided to level my death knight up since I still want the option to tank.

Currently have my DK to 69 and really enjoying her… yes both these chars are female but all my other ones are male. Anyway,  having fun on my DK and shall keep you posted as I slowly level it through the expansions leading to mop and wod since my EU DK was an 85 so nothing new yet with experiences.

Thanks for reading all, let me know what class you play currently and why.

See you alll tomorrow and have a great day.


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