Taxes – Unfair – Just Right – Heavenly

So 2014 is the second year that I’ve filed for taxes in America and the first time I got back a nice amount and was happy with turbotax services. Well just done my taxes now and I had to pay back $200 even though I may way below the poverty line….. doesn’t make much sense.

They raise taxes in 2013 by 6% and pay 4 times the amount of social security over any over federal or state taxes which I wont even see in my life because from what I hear isn’t enough in the pot to support everyone :S so what the hell is up with having to pay the government back $200 and then stick us with having to have health insurance or fine us in 2015 when we file our 2014 taxes?

I’m curious is this unfair, right or a blessing compared to others? Back in England I was still young while working and just got a check from government for tax return and sometimes I didn’t but never had to file like I do here. 

Anyone know why the taxes go up but my wages don’t and yet I go from a tax refund to a tax due? any info would be great because I’m baffled right now.


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