Pokemon – X / Y – Your safari zone and teams



I’ve been getting way into breeding and making my team for competitive play but in the need for dittos with some good IV’s.

Was wondering if anyone has ditto in their safari zone, mine are rock I believe but not sure on the 3 in my zone. For my team I’ll be using a mega alakazam along with Jellicent – Forretress – Toxicroak – Metagross and Scizor, should be a good team in theory but I’ll find out once I go against my opponents at work.

Anyone want to be a sparing partner or have some advice to help tweak / improve my team around Alakazam leave a comment below.

Friend Code is 1160 – 9733 – 0076 – add me on the 3ds / pokemon but let me know in the comment so I can add you also 🙂


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