Free level 90 for Warlords…..WHAT TO PICK!!



So as many of you know with the expansion of World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor, Blizzard will be giving everyone at purchase a free level 90 character either boosting an existing one or granting a new character an instant level 90 for us to learn and gear up ready for WoD.

Now the big question is…. which class to pick and why, I’ve been getting into the healing scene but I used to love tanking on my warrior before the community got to me after BC and made me dislike tanking, but I want to get back into it again along with healing and be vital to the guild I’ve created.

So question to you all is, which class are you all picking and should I use my free 90 on a monk ? I already have a level 90 pally and my druid is on the way currently 67 with my 68 warlock :), I have a priest and warrior on EU server at 90 so I’m looking for something new  maybe a shaman to heal ? or a monk whom can do both.

What are your thoughts and opinions on which class to pick? let me know below.


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