Nintendo…. Dying / Surviving / Doing Just Fine



So I’ve been following all the news about Nintendo the good and the bad and was wondering a couple of things on it all.

Nintendo has been my company of choice since the NES days, I’ve been a loyal fan through it all, I even brought a Wii on launch, even though I only played Twilight Princess and it sat there for a looooong time until I played Mario strikers and Super Smash Bros Brawl which just wasn’t as good as the N64 version ow and Mario Kart Wii.  After this point was when Nintendo were loosing me, I hated the controls, even though defended them so many times on the waggle etc and when the 3DS came I brought that day 1 and until recently had hardly anything to play on but I looove it :D.

So…. are Nintendo dying or surviving… well up to this point I would say they were doing really well the 3DS is making them money and selling units now that bigger titles like Pokemon and Animal Crossing are on the platform. Then came the Wii U, the first console of Nintendo’s that I haven’t brought on launch since the Nintendo 64 (and only because I was to young to buy the NES and Snes at launch) and with no good games until recently / this year what is there on the platform to have people buy it? I still haven’t brought it yet due to the controls being dependent on the wii remote and the price just being a little to much for me to afford at this point.

Once the new Smash Bros and an actual new zelda game launches on the platform I’m sure I’ll be more inclined to check it out and then go back for Zombie U and other decent titles but I feel like the 3rd Parties are failing the system by not giving it a fail and equal shot by releasing games on the Wii U and other platforms but giving it different treatment just like the Wii went through.

Is it to late for 3rd Parties to come and safe the Wii U? is it down to Nintendo to save this product? Is the Wii U really doing that bad or have the press just made it look that way? Are Nintendo doing just fine and the negative stories are just standing out more and little good are being talked about the company and products.

Love to hear your thoughts and opinions, and maybe help explain some of this negativity going against Nintendo whom I still love just the Wii Mote controls burned me 😛


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