Broken Age – Part 1 Thoughts + Opinions



So today marks the awesomeness of day 1 of Broken Age part 1, the embargo is off and I’m good to chat with you all my first impressions of the game and what I’ve heard / seen so far from fellow backers of Broken Age.

What is Broken Age first for those whom may not have heard of it or were late to backing the project,  – Go check out these awesome trailers on steam – then continue reading here :D. Ow and also save 10% on preorder :D.

 In a sense Broken Age is two games in one, two stories, one from Shay, a boy whom lives in a spaceship with a computer whom runs his life for him and takes care of his every need…. as long as he’s safe. The other story is of a girl whom has sadly been chosen as a sacrifice to a monster/deity whom will destroy the village if she and the other sacrifices of the village and the other villages do not abide to this tradition.

The first thing that hits you when you load the game is the beautiful music piece which I crave every time a backer video comes on for the updates on the game leading up until now.


Has a lot of humor in his side of the story with many puzzles once the story thickens, thus far I have used around 6 items together to complete a set goal and still in the process of using / finding more pieces to help me accomplish the task at hand.

Ow and by the way (took me a while to trigger 😛 ) but with the spoon, it’s not just click and click the item wanted but its drag and click on the item from your bag to the game….yea that took me awhile to trigger and went onto Vella before coming back to Shay right at the start haha.


 She has a lot more emotion and seriousness to her character and development to her story compared to Shay, things move into the fray a lot quicker and I rather enjoyed the use of puzzles while feeling like you are being timed to get out of a bad situation and continue the story.


The animations and facials expressions have been designed so well to go along with the voice acting so I have to say, mass congratulations everyone at Double Fine for making such an awesome and wonderful game. Looking forward to getting back to playing part 1 of this game and awaiting the 2nd part of the story to come.

Is anyone else currently playing this game? Thinking of playing it or curious to here more, message below 🙂 I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions to.


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