WoW Guild Leveling


So after hitting level 2 on my newly created guild earlier on this morning I searched around for some advice / insight on how long it would take for a small social guild to level to 25.

I wanted to share a website with you all that I found

which breaks down each level, the amount of exp via quests as well as the best zones to level in and the amount of exp that each zone has to offer to have a character go from 1 – 90. Works out to be about 7-10 characters can get a guild to level 25 although questing is faster for guild and dungeons are faster for character leveling.

Wanted to share this with you all whom may also be in a small guild wanting to try hit 25 before the expansion and which you all luck 🙂

Prowen / Garowl (My active chars) – US – Ner’zhul


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