Saving Mr Banks – Movie Review


So yesterday I went to see this beautiful film with my wife and her grand parents of which I went through a couple of stages before seeing it with oooooie I want to see this film and then ooow this doesn’t sound so good anymore from people’s thoughts.

Well word of advice, go throw all the opinions and thoughts of negativity or mixed feelings into a garbage bin and come back to me…..done?.. okay then welcome back everyone 😀 now we can begin.

This film is all about the Author P. L. Travers (Played by Emma Thompson) reflecting on her difficult childhood while meeting with filmmaker Walt Disney (Played by Tom Hanks) during production for the adaptation of her novel, Mary Poppins.

Now I wont get into spoilers and ruin surprises for you all but the acting is incredible and even at the end of the film the tape recordings of the original tapes are playing and you see how accurate they were to the characters.

I loved the new insight behind the classic film Mary Poppins which played many of times during my childhood. By the way, question to you all, for those outside of United Kingdom have many of you watched Mary Poppins or is it just my wife whom hasn’t seen it?

Either way though, whether you have seen Mary Poppins or not this film is remarkable all my party enjoyed it so much and the ending even brought a lil tear into my eye. It’s a must see for sure and maybe for those whom have or have not seen Mary Poppins may find themselves seeking it out to watch afterwards.

Anyone else seen or wanting to see Saving Mr Banks, lets chat down below in the comments section 😀 Until then ladies and gentleman, see you next time.



One thought on “Saving Mr Banks – Movie Review

  1. Brandon says:

    I still havent gotten a chance to see this film but it is in my list of films I want to catch this upcoming week. 🙂

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