Holiday Spirit / EU vs US in the World Of Warcraft

Was playing WoW earlier and my friend and I just made new death knights and got to joining the horde, this is where my question comes into play for you all.


In all my years of playing WoW on the EU servers, never had I had this happen to me or to my friend, but as we were picking up our late christmas presents underneth the now invisible tree, we had our trade boxes open up and a sum of 1000 gold put into them. I know it’s not a lot to todays sum of money for end game players but for a random player to just give two people a 1000 gold each was mind blowing to us both. We are playing on the US realm Ner’zhul Horde side.

Are the players on US servers nicer than the ones on EU servers or is the holiday spirit still upon us? Would love to know your thoughts because it has never happened to me before and would love to say thank you very much to this gentleman because we put a 1000 gold into our guild bank to help the new players.

If anyone plays on the US Ner’zhul realm horde side and interested in helping us level up a newly founded guild drop me a note on my character Prowen 🙂


3 thoughts on “Holiday Spirit / EU vs US in the World Of Warcraft

    • Blew my mind, i wonder if there’s a way to track back whom traded you the money so I could write his name here or something but when I’m in that source of money I’d like to do the same for someone else 🙂

      • I guess this is not recorded by the activity feed of the battlelog or in the smartphone app of WoW. I am not completely sure but I guess there is no way to track it. 😀 I had an addon installed which basically did stuff like that… recording in- and outgoing gold. But that would not work afterwards if you just installed it later. Also can´t remind the name of the addon, as I am inactive since some months atm.

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