Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to all!

So I was thinking while chatting with my wife of what my new year resolutions I should have and while on the west coast of America it’s not quite yet new years with 2 hour to go I thought I’d post this up with some projects I’d like to either start / finish for 2014 😀

    Online Resolutions

With the recent discount on WoW I just brought the US version of it with the expansions and leveling up my characters ready for the new expansion next year. Today set things in motion with a guild being formed called “Global Alliance Killers” which is a mixture of our EU guild name “Global Peace Keepers” and with us now being on a PVP realm “Ner’zhul” and killing mass alliance as we leveled today. So with this in motion I’d like to get us all raiding and build the guild up to be a casual raiding guild this year.

Secondly to playing WoW I’d also like to complete the new point and click adventure game called “Broken Age“, which I backed earlier this year and sooo excited for the first part in a couple of months.

    Personal Resolutions

I say it each year but never managed to either catch up or progress my novel I’m writing with the many versions I’ve wrote on paper and online so I want to continue and finish the first book this year now that I have the project set up and ready to progress forward.

    Real Life Resolutions

Lastly to finish my list of resolutions, is that I get my driver licence and California I.D when my 10 year green card is issued later in the year, this would make an awesome 2014 and year in general 😀

Thank you all for reading and look forward to hearing your resolutions for 2014, I’m always on wordpress reading new stories so I’ll drop a post here and there on this, that, or the other. Until then ladies and gentleman.

Prowen wishing you all a happy new year.


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