LOZ:OOT 3D first impressions

The legend of zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D just came out yesturday and I finally was able to sit down to check it out this morning, here’s my first initial thoughts of the game.

Although i’m still not used to the 3D (mainly play with it off to save batteries)ill be playing this title purely within it. Once you get the game in focus, the world and environment is pure stunning and amazing.

The text that comes over the screen is crisp and clear,adding to the 3D effect of the picture behind it, in conversations etc.
(I’ll try get some videos up of it if it’s possible)

Another little gripe I have is that I want my Z targeting back from the N64, because it feels a lil weird using L targeting, my finger tends to come off or i have to hold the controller weirdly to do my move, i’m sure this is something ill get used to.

The graphics have been improved by far, truely stunning and its gorgous to be playing this game again, its like being in a HD zelda game in comparison to the N64 one.

I love the controls and the touch screen is perfect, being able to select your gear/items on the fly is brilliant as well as being able to select the map without having to take your eyes off the screen of Hyrule, also being able to have your items assigned to X,Y,I,II is easy and a god send on the 3DS, it’s already the superior version of OOT

The menu screen interface is gorgous and i love having the navi speach button in the top corner as well as being able to look around with the giroscope within the 3DS it’self.

Thus far, im freaking loving it.

I’ll upload a pic of the poster and golden zelda box I got from pre-ordering from Gamestation its pretty smexy :).


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