Prowensworld Episode 5 – E3 chewy goodness

Recorded the show on my iphone while I walked home from work, so having some technical difficulties sadly getting it on my recording programme this week, wont be doing that again that’s for sure. At any case, here is the lovely episode broken down into two parts since only way I could get it off my phone was to email it to myself yes more hassle for something I thought would be a simple sync up on itunes gaaar I hate you apple.

Since recording I have sat down and watched the E3 ninty conference and I can proudly say, im 100% nintendo fanboy again πŸ™‚ since the Wii really smacked my back up with its pure horribleness to gamers of all kinds and made it into something I really didn’t want to be part of. When is the Wii U coming to america and how much is all I ask now πŸ˜€ BECAUSE I WANT ONE! πŸ˜€

Have a brilliant weekend guys, ill leave you with a message from our sponsors πŸ˜‰

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