E3 thoughts thus far

Since ive been working non stop I can’t sadly compile a list of likes, mehs and dislikes from E3 (prob tomoz), but heres a quick run through of a couple things im liking thus far.


Loving the push in effort and in the possibilities being explored on the use of the Kinect, for games like Mass Effect 3 there having voice commands which is freaking awesome where you can select you responce via just saying it, give commands and actions to players and generally pushing the depths of this technology they have for the Xbox360.

I’m also liking the combining of Bing search engine which can be also used with voice search 🙂


Their new hand held console, the PS Vita, has a back screen to it which seems like an interesting idea but when it comes to gameplay and comfort looks and seems to feel rather awkward to use and get a hang of depending on the game being played and the use of it.


Big thing for ninty revealed this year and E3 was the nintendo wii U and its smexy new controller, at first I was put off by having Wii still in the name and the look of a big tablet controller but since then ive come to understand that the controller is smaller than it looks, which is true its about 8 inches or so big, but now im quite liking it, with games like metal gear or spy/stealth games I think this would be an awesome controller with the built in camera and all the cool features, being stealthy and all would be so cool using this instead of just having the one screen to use to get round enemies and objects.

Also veeeery happy about the release of Luigi’s Mansion 2 coming out on the 3DS 😀 gunna be sweeet, from what ive seen of it thus far, its looks pure heavenly 🙂

Well thats all for today guys and girls, the prowensworld episode will be out within the next couple of days, and I hope you all have a lovely weekend, take care now.


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