Eshop is out for all 3DS’s across the world

Just updated and checked it out, got my free game excite bike which im looking forward to playing. The 3D pokedex which is making me excited to get back into my pkmon black :D.

Finally but not quite, is that super mario world is up on the virtual console for £3.60 which I was suuuuper happy about :D, new life on 3DS wooop 😀 and zelda is next week 🙂 long live Nintendo (for handheld :P).

Lets hope E3 brings us some awesome news for Wii 2 (project cafe). The eshop music is beautifully done, a lil disconnecty if thats even a word :P, and the visuals/interface was done superbly.

Stay tuned in all week for E3 info, Prowensworld Podcast Episode 5 and also 😉 some E3 special episodes. Exciting week for gamers across the world, lets bring on E3 peepz :).


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