Any point in a gameplan?

I’m getting a lil pissed off by the amount of times ive been short noticed changed areas because of unknown or the reason that someone hasn’t been trained on a certain area :S okay so many flaws in this already for being moved its unbelievable. So for one, why hire someone whom isn’t going to be trained at an area and just keep moving them away just because they havn’t been on it before :S they NEVER will if they keep being moved. The fact that we get told were multifuncs so we should face it when were moved :S soooo isn’t the other person a multifunctional and able to do all areas? so why does he have the same job title as me but get payed for doing the same work which he isn’t doing? WTF is up with this picture where they create a game plan to show where people will be on each area and then being able to change it as short of notice as seconds from putting your till into the system :S WHAT THE FUCK.

lil rant from yesturday, good luck people
Prowen 😀


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