Worgan just shouldn’t dance

Here’s a video I took to practise and try out the full version of fraps that I just brought today šŸ™‚ to enable more video/media content combined with windows media player which helped a ton get a 720MB file which was half a minute long :S lol down to a lovely 6MB file šŸ™‚ so woopwoop to windows movie maker.

Not only was this a practise video but I also wanted to show you all the bad ass worgan class wearing a top hat šŸ˜› dancing…. in my mind… VERY BADLY šŸ˜› but you all decide, comment and feedback on the vid guys šŸ™‚

also to wrap up the post, my worgan druids name is Petmeplz šŸ˜€ and heres a reply I got back on the general chat earlier on today šŸ˜› which I thought was to funny

Hope your all enjoying your boxing day šŸ™‚


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