Epic failing :(

Okay so I had the show all planned and ready for recording on sunday but due to snow, cold, headache and tiredness I was unable to go ahead with the show :(, BUT that doesn’t mean it wont be airing or coming back. Ill be doing a small christmas special episode with whats going on, cataclysm impressions and whats to come of 2011 🙂 and then in the new year I shall be doing a show every 2 weeks, with more content, audio/video depending on fraps etc and possibly getting thunderhorse or other people as co-hosts to prowensworld.

Looking forward to 2011 and I look forward to getting back and entertaining you all with news/talk on gaming/anime/movies/ and random geek tastic thangs :D.
Cya all tomoz 🙂 wishing you all a happy christmas, hope you all get what you wished for and have a lovely time with your family and love ones.


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