Mega Mind – Review

So I walked into the 3D performances expecting to know the story, the feel of the film and a lot of what was going to happen because of the trailer but as much as that is based upon true, my experience was pleasantly unexpectedly different. Just the same way The legend of the guardians got me with a narrative start the same was true for mega mind where they show you a short clip of the near end of the film where mega mind is about’s to plummet to his death, which kick starts the film into how this moment led to being. For an example conkers bad fur day where you start with conker being king and you kick start the game going over the whole day filling in all the blanks making sense to the ending that you are experiencing.

The basic film structure without giving away to much information to those that haven’t seen the film or the trailer/s is that due to two planets about to become swallowed up by a black hole two sets of parents send their children off to earth to survive, one (Mega Mind) gets placed in a prison in Metro city the venue for this film to take place in where as the other goes to a wealthy family whom find out their son has super powers of flight, strength ext ( A superman ). A story of Good VS Evil with an interesting new take on villains and second chances.

For the first half hour or so the film was bursting from the seams with laugh out loud moments and a speedy paced story with plenty of character development, growth and background to become attached to the characters to whom you’ll be viewing for the hour and a half ish film. The middle of the film takes a slightly different feel and turn from the comedy and becomes more heart felt towards individual characters and relations between them, which combines together with the first half to make an incredibly awesome ending and viewing experience, one that although wont become best film of the year or make a stamp on kids films like toy story, ice age and shriek ext, it’s a film that can be experienced by all, bring them many laughs and memorable moments and I believe should be on the dvd collection/shelves this winter (depending when dvd sales hit).

Before I wrap things up, I would also like to note that those into epic music will also like the sound track as well as all the awesome appearances from Mega Mind to them which made me laugh and jig along to :). I loved the film, will be getting it on DVD once released and I hope you all enjoy the film to.

Please feel welcome to comment and express you views and opinions about the film to, I would love to hear about them and see what you all loved or hated about this film.



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