Taxi Office Rant

I finished an hour ago and have just arrived home – ive calmed down since the point of ranting but excuse the heavy language.

Myself and Phil finished and were waiting for another staff member to finish cashing up, we were told 5minutes hell be done and the taxi’s will be called…..
We were down there for a good half hour in the fucking cold, phil coughing his guts up since the weather wasn’t doing his cold any good what so ever and myself with a holiday in 6days not particularly wanting to get ill from having to stand out in the cold for 30minutes.

So im ringing the office up, asking for them to be called and just have me and Phil go instead of waiting for the other person, which I thought was reasonable since it had been half hour. I rang the taxi firm to then find the fucking taxi’s hadn’t even been rang yet. I bolted it upstairs pissed off, frozen and wanting to get the fuck home to find he had just finished and the taxi finally called. No apology nothing….. 30minutes in the cold, wasting our time, were not getting payed for waiting, were not getting anything out of waiting. SO WHAT THE FUCK. 5minutes? yea right, next time have some fucking consideration for other people and let them know it’ll be longer or ring them when you say it’ll be rang if the person has finished or not, why make the other people stay behind like a punishment when they have done nothing wrong and just want to get home in the warmth after a fucking long day at work.

Gar, today just seems to have been full of arguments, moans and stressful frustrations, to now gotten back home and my CD/DVD drive isn’t opening up on my PC to burn WoW files over to my laptop for the epicly huge fucking patch that blizzard make you do after the installation since they haven’t given you a quicker/easier way in patching from installation unless you know someone with the files to share with you.

Okay that’s enough for now, but seriously people, if you say it’ll take X amount of time and things change at least have the decency to let the other people know or stay by the time you have given them because its not on what so ever.


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