WoW:Cataclysm 4.0.3a Feedback

Just a little feedback on the latest patch, ill be doing a video either later on or sunday for all those that would like to see the new content and the pretty nifty features that blizzard have worked on in revamping all the old starting quests.

New character models to choose from, features ext on the character creation page look pretty badass for some races 🙂

Mail boxes have finally been implemented at the starting towns, sooo useful 🙂 no longer do I have to run the epic mile to receive money/gear/anything from my mains to toons and also my lil pets from blizzard can be used at level 1 which is pretty darn cool.

Quest rewards are now class specific, I love this 🙂 not only have they got rid of the useless options of mail for a clothe wearer but they’ve made cooler designs for each race making classes a little more unique from others at early stages of the game.

Another feature of the new quest system I quite enjoy is that now you have a picture/character model of the enemy you have to kill and a little description on them, helps out new players and gets you off on your feet and immersed into this huge world and the many enemies you will come across on your travels :).

The race intro videos have all been updated with storylines and an ambition or goal set out for you straight from the start to get you stuck into the storyline of the World of Warcraft.

Stormwind looks pretty cool but when you compare it to Orgrimmar, :S you kinda hoped it had more work done to it just Org just seems utterly amazing with pure beauty where as Stormwind is a lil meh and a lil cool while it should be fully :O WOW.

Well that’s enough from me on my first thoughts impressions on the latest cataclysm changes, and im looking forward to further getting dug into all the rich new content, ow and before I go 😀 level 71 – 80 leveling experience has been lowerd 😉 woopwoop for those leveling to 80 at the moment.


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