Jackass 3D vs Due Date

So I went to watch two comedy films this month, Jackass 3D and Due Date ( similar to Hangover)

What I should be saying is Jackass vs Hangover because although due date was an alright film with some laugh out loud moments within it, it doesn’t compare to the sheer brilliance of Jackass that no matter how many times you watch the skits you just find yourself laughing so hard. I walked in to screen check it with greenway and kept laughing over and over saying just one more just one more 😛 .

The 3D is kinda lacking but its about the comedy not the effects of which jackass just truly pwns due date with, as much as I love seeing the dude stoned with space wolves :D, it doesnt cut the epicness of a midget fight, broken up by midget police and rescued by midget ambulance 😛 to funny, a must see.



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