EU WoW servers are back up

Just jumped on an old mage i had sitting there on darkspear lv10 and OMFG mages rule, so they have redone arcane missle and I chose fire tree to level in

Best thing ever, is that i loose no health or mana and when i use my spells, sometimes it procs arcane missle for a free instance no mana cost spell 😀 freaking awesome.


2 thoughts on “EU WoW servers are back up

  1. I am not positive if this is the right spot, but I thought you should know I saw this post awhile ago on a different site. I think it might have been a wordpress blog with a similar title. The content was almost the same, but I noticed that this one here has an older date. I reckon they grabbed it from you, but maybe not who knows. Thought you may want to know.

    • Thanks for letting me know, im sure they havn’t copied my post since its a commonly used title but thankyou for letting me know, and I hope you continue on enjoying the post :), if any information has been used by others from myself im happy to share that with them as long as credit has gone towards me. I’ll look into this though, and thankyou again for bringing it to my attention.

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