My thoughts on Avatar: The last airbender – Film

Just watched the last airbender and trying to work out why people bashed it so badly :S im a fan to the anime and I saw nothing wrong with it, okay some of the humour was takern from Soka (believe spelt right) and gave him more of a serious attitude lil early on but it didnt effect the film at all, if anything it kept the pacing well.

And yes there going to be more films u idiots, they are doing it via each book like the series, first book is water, next is earth then fire. :S and even if u didnt watch the series it all makes sence, its all told to you at some stage of the film nothing is left un answered or if lacking of an explanation you know its going to happen next film.

Seriously people go and watch it if your put off by retarted viewers because its a really good film, if you cnt wait for the whole story go check out the anime its pure brilliance 😀 okay thats enough from me 😛 byee.


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