creepy pastas

So I tend to forget / get behind on posting so I’ve decided to just spraticly post random times rather than on a schedule. With that in mind I want to expand my thoughts / story creations gearing up for this years NANOWRIMO national writers months in the form of creepy pastas.

I’ll do posts on this blog as general entries but on my other I’ll have creepy pastas / unusual spooky tales and the like.

Inside tid bit, I’m going to be writing first of all about the unusual activities where I work at the theatre. Going to be fun for me and hopefully spooky for you guys. If your interested in expanding / giving feedback on them please hit me up in the comments below.

Question for you all, what scares you most while watching a horror film.


Amiibo and adiction ?

So as many of you may already know there’s a little thing called an amiibo which for those whom don’t are little nintendo character figures which can be used on the WiiU gamepad and the new 3DS console later to be in the normal 3DS with a periferall.

My wife is interested in the female cast of amiibos and having a display of strong female gaming. While on the other hand I’d be happy with cool looking and all fire emblem ones ๐Ÿ˜€

With wave 4 launching end of april which amiibos are you all into ? For myself I have the smash bro mario one because I love the fireball look.

Ow and apolagize for the mass posts yesturday, when I hit publish it sent the lot out rather than staggered.

Have a great day all and only 2 more days till my New 3DS XL Majoras Mask arrives ๐Ÿ˜€

Day 3 of posting without posting

Lol okay so Ive been writting posts but when I get home and have connection on my phone I forget to post them so here is the third post in a row for the day/week :p

So far my list of games to get on mi new 3ds areย  chrono trigger DS, smash bros, fire emblem awakening and xenoblade chronicles.

Any suggestions to add to this ? Let me know in the comments and sorry again all for not posting the posts ive been writting, was not intentional.

Update to Majoras Mask 3DS

This morning the package has shipped from florida ๐Ÿ˜€ going to be here around the 2nd of April super excited ๐Ÿ˜€

Question is do I rebuy my games from EU 3DS like smash bros ? Do nintendo do sales on games at all in America? Ive never looked into it while being here haha.

Going to complete games as I go so I don’t do what I alwaya do and play to a certain point and buy new game/s. Coming is Zelda between worlds and Majoras Mask as well as codename Steam so I’ll have plenty to keep me going for awhile.

First game I’d like is the exclusive xenoblade chronicles for the new 3DS. Would this make me want a Wii U for the sequel? Or would I and others be lucky for a sequel on the new 3DS?

So many questions and a week to find out a few :D.

Until next time, enjoy your weekend and Ill fill you in how home the movie is/was if I get to see it inna bit before work.


New 3DS XL Majoras Mask

Yes! I was lucky enough to read my nintendo news to find out gamestop had the Majoras Mask new 3ds xl back in stock just in time to order a bundle ๐Ÿ˜€

Yeah and it wasnt easy. Once complete I get an email from the bank about a suspicious activity on my card…. Being the gamestoo puchase.

From there I get an email from gamestop saying the order could not be processed.. Not cool bank of america.

Had to sort the bank out and contact gamestop in order to get this order rolling. Now during this the bundle had sold out on the site and still to this moment untill the order has been shipped Im going to worry I missed out on the console… The money has been taken and 2digital parts have shipped.

Fingers crossed the rest comesย  alongwith it :), super excited and cant wait for 2 weeks time which is the max amount of time given for order to be processed and shipped which is also in time for the last day of maintenance/inspection at work which is a victory gift for all the cleaning ive been doing for past 4months.

Anyone whom wants to add me on mi new 3ds hook me up and once it comes ill post my friend code.

DnD 5E and Fantasy love

Hey all just brought the dungeon master DnD 5E book and super excited to play again. Sadly though my groups break to quickly after a session or two and its hard to get them back.

Spreading the word out for players again and crafting a campaign from scratch to have ready for when that happens :).

Along that note I’m loving WoW more and more which is a change from a month ago when i was just doing garrison missions. Doing the legendary questline again and getting near to the 6 1 part which im so stocked to see all the exciting convo I’ve been tryin to avoid spoilers to.

Fantasy is a huge love of mine and I’m just spreading it all over my life haha. reading game pf thrones from book 1, season 5 of the show begins next month yaay :), playing WoW and looking at getting a roll20 DnD 5E game going.

Message me in the comments or over at and let me know if your interested. Are you a fan of the books or show of game of thrones or even both :).

Catch you next time and have an awesome weekend peeps.

Trying weebly out

So recently I jumped over to weebly and made a site over there called bite size otaku and kinda left WordPress in the dark.

Sorry for not mentioning anything just got busy at work and now home which I’ll post about later ๐Ÿ™‚ but long story short I’m back to writing opinions/reviews of anime,movies,TV shows, games and all ๐Ÿ™‚ yaay haha as of now only movies have been done but maybe tomoz I’ll get some other content up all going well I can use my PC.

Had a flood from the ceiling and the whole thing has had to come down and be cut. Which hopefully is done tomoz if not may take several days to get back and repaired.

Fun times but wanted to keep you updated. I’ll keep posting here to but well see how bite size otaku goes if I leave WordPress completely or not.

Another site in mind is sqaurespace but trying things out right now casually as I find myself with little time to post regularly.

Question of the day is, what’s the most out of the blue event that you’ve had to deal with? Comments below.

Thank you all and to all a good night ๐Ÿ˜€